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Voluntis is dedicated to developing companion software that empowers patients to self-manage their chronic disease in collaboration with their medical team.


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  • Meet Insulia®

    What is companion software?

  • Tomorrowland: medical treatment in 2020

Meet Insulia®

What is companion software?

Tomorrowland: medical treatment in 2020


May 2019

Voluntis : Mise à disposition des documents préparatoires à l’Assemblée Générale mixte du 24 mai 2019

April 2019

Voluntis : Mise à disposition du Document de Référence 2018

April 2019

Voluntis appoints Berkley Nelson as Chief Growth Officer

March 2019

Voluntis – Annual results 2018

March 2019

Voluntis announces end of Roche Pharma France collaboration for ZEMY solution

March 2019

Voluntis receives CE Mark to add NPH/isophane insulin to Insulia

December 2018

AbbVie and Voluntis to develop companion digital therapeutics

October 2018

Voluntis and AstraZeneca win prestigious Prix Galien MedStartUp Award for ‘Best Patient Engagement Technologies’ for eCO

October 2018

Jan Berger, MD, and Roberta Herman, MD, join Voluntis’ Board of Directors

October 2018

Voluntis announces end of multi-cancer extension for solution developed with Roche Pharma France

September 2018

First-half 2018: expanded and strengthened abilities to pursue future growth

August 2018

Voluntis extends partnership with AstraZeneca in digital therapeutics for oncology

August 2018

Voluntis releases upgraded version of Insulia to improve user experience, including Spanish

August 2018

Information relative au nombre total de droits de vote et d’actions composant le capital social

July 2018

Voluntis announces the launch of Theraxium Oncology, an innovative digital platform for symptom management

July 2018

Results of the eCO trial published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology Informatics

May 2018

Voluntis successfully completes its IPO and raises €30.1m on the regulated market of Euronext in Paris

May 2018

Voluntis signs contract with US payer WellDyneRx for coverage of a digital therapeutic

April 2018

Voluntis announces the registration of its document de base, launching its initial public offering process on Euronext’s regulated market in Paris

March 2018

Voluntis and Roche Pharma France reinvent cancer patient support with digital therapeutics

January 2018

Voluntis and WellDoc Announce Partnership to Combine Diabetes Digital Therapeutic Offerings

December 2017

Voluntis launches Insulia Savings Program, making Insulia available at $0 copay

November 2017

Voluntis to integrate Insulia® with Onduo virtual diabetes clinic

November 2017

Insulia receives FDA clearance and CE mark to integrate Basaglar and Tresiba

October 2017

Digital Therapeutics Alliance Established to Advance Novel Technologies Aimed at Transforming Patient Clinical Outcomes

July 2017

Insulia® receives FDA clearance and CE mark to integrate Toujeo®

June 2017

Voluntis and Ascensia Diabetes Care announce technology partnership to help optimize insulin management for people with Type 2 diabetes

April 2017

Voluntis adds Scott Honken to Leadership Team to strengthen payer & provider focus

March 2017

Voluntis and Sanofi announce a global alliance to deliver digital insulin titration solutions for people with type 2 diabetes

February 2017

Voluntis and Livongo Partner to Deliver Insulin Titration App

December 2016

Voluntis receives FDA clearance and CE mark for Insulia® a first for digital applications supporting type 2 diabetes patients treated with basal insulin

December 2015

Voluntis and AstraZeneca to test companion mobile app in ovarian cancer studies with the US National Cancer Institute

September 2015

Roche Pharma France and Voluntis partner to develop first therapeutic companion solution for women afflicted with breast cancer

June 2015

Voluntis announces election of Eric Elliott as Chairman of the Board of Directors


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