The Board of Directors has set up three advisory committees, tasked with providing specialist input to the Board to assist in its decision-making. 

 Audit Committee


  • Viviane Monges, Chairman of the audit committee, independent member of the Board of Directors
  • Bpifrance, represented by Laurent Higueret

The Audit Committee reviews our internal accounting procedures, consults with and reviews the services provided by our auditors and assists the board of directors in its oversight of our corporate accounting and financial reporting in accordance.

Nominating and Compensation Committee


  • Eric Elliott, Chairman
  • LBO France Gestion, represented by Franck Noiret

The Nominating and Compensation Committee assists the board of directors in reviewing and making recommendations to the Board of Directors with respect to the compensation of executive officers and directors. It also prepares proposals for the renewal, replacement or appointment of directors, executive officers and members of the management committee, in consultation with the Chairman of the Board.

Strategy Committee


  • Jan Berger, Chairman of the committee
  • Eric Eliott 
  • LBO France Gestion, represented by Franck Noiret

The Strategy Committee's mission is to review company strategy as defined by the Leadership Team as well as prospective contracts that could have a significant organisational impact and to ensure follow-through with regards to questions related to acquisitions and financing. 

Governance Rules

The Board of Directors and the Committees’ activities are mostly governed by the Company Bylaws and the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Directors, as adopted and adjusted from time to time by the Group. The Company Bylaws can be downloaded using the link below and the Rules of Procedure are available upon request at the Group’s headquarters.

The Group has also implemented an Insider Trading Policy, to provide information to all employees, officers and directors of Voluntis, with respect to their obligations in connection with any market transaction they carry out on Voluntis securities and to prevent any use or improper communication of inside information.