Jeanne Jacoby Director of Diabetes, Medical Affairs

What do you do at Voluntis?

I support the design of our diabetes products by giving my medical input on risks, product improvements and new developments. I also support the complaints process and help prepare regulatory filings. I have a more behind the scenes role in improving our products, prioritizing and working on new features, versus other members of our Medical team who are front and center supporting Sales. I’m also the self-appointed Captain of Fun at Voluntis US!

When did you join Voluntis?

I joined in March 2017 as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and I was promoted to Manager in 2018. In my new(er) role I’m more responsible for the reviewing required documentation regarding product changes and reviewing the impact of changes to the product.

Additionally, I perform literature reviews and look at the real-world evidence to help idenity areas of improvements for Insulia.

What were you doing before joining Voluntis?

Right before, I had decided to be a stay-at-home mom for my two girls, which I did for about 18 months before this opportunity at Voluntis presented itself and I felt it was too good to pass up. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 21. I thought I’d be going to medical school, but I knew a residency wouldn’t work with my diabetes so I kind of floated for a while.

I worked as a teacher for Teach for America (including an internship at NASA!) as well as in finance, at the Massachusetts General Hospital budget office before deciding I really did want to be on the patient care side and going to nursing school. I became a Certified Diabetes Educator in 2009 and worked as a Nurse Practitioner in various hospitals, specializing in diabetes patients, and at an endocrinology clinic in Burlington.

Why do you like working at Voluntis?

Working at Voluntis allows me to marry my analytical brain and my desire to help people. I love hashing out algorithms, they’re like putting together a puzzle but with much more interesting results.

Voluntis also allows me to work at 90% so I can go home earlier to be with my daughters.

Describe the Voluntis culture in 3 words.

Fun, smart and passionate.

If you were on death row, what would your final meal be?

Chocolate chip cookies and milk.